Joanna practices as a Kinesiologist in rural Victoria - Albury and Beechworth.

She assists clients to create a clear awareness of the link between the  patterns of the presenting symptoms eg.  health challenges or pain, and the deeper emotional issues connected to the core of their health status. By bringing light to these connections and how they have manifested in the physical body,  an integrated healing approach that best suits the needs of the client is able to take place.  The process is very supportive and addresses each individual uniquely as opposed to the individual having the meet 'standards' for a diagnosis. 

Joanna spends a large portion of her time researching ‘the body matrix’ and its many interconnections.

She has a particular interest in studying how Kinesiologists can best work with the survival areas of the brain that interfere and disrupt our emotional health and wellbeing.

Before Joanna studied Kinesiology she was already well versed in the Health Sciences world of studies.

She attended two years of a La Trobe University Bachelor of Health Sciences (majoring in Anatomy and Physiology), after she was accepted into the first offered Podiatry Charles Sturt University Degree in Albury, where she continued to study for another three years.  


  • Diploma of Sports Kinesiology - ACCM

After completing her Diploma, she spent the next two years working and intensively studying kinesiology courses (more than 480 contact hours) that she privately selected and attended. These Kinesiology mentors include Jacque Mooney, Damian Brown, Charles Krebs, Bernard Carsons and Phillip Rafferty.  They are all fantastically experienced practitioners themselves who specialise in different areas of the body/mind matrix.  

Courses attended:

  • Leap One, Two, Three - Brain Integration studies, the learning enhancement program (Jacque Mooney)
  • S.I.P.S (Jacque Mooney)
  • 7 Chi Keys (Jacque Mooney)
  • 5 Element Acupressure (Charles Krebs)
  • Advanced 5 element accpuressure (Charles Krebs)
  • Tibetan figure 8 system (Jacque Mooney)
  • Food Allergies, Intolerances and Immune Sensitivity (Damian Brown)
  • Nutrition Foundations (Damian Brown)
  • Metabolic Biomarkers (Damian Brown)
  • Neuro-Organisational Techniques (as delivered by Bernard Carson)
  • Immune System Course (Charles Krebs)
  • Divine Blue-Print DNA Balancing Course (Charles Krebs)
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain (Jacque Mooney)
  • Biochemical and Toxicity Balance (Phillip Rafferty)

Industry memberships  

Joanna has been working from Beechworth since 2015, and has expanded her practice to Macauley St, Albury.

Previously working with Trisha Scott in Wangaratta and at Amanda Campbells' BendLikeBamboo Clinic of Sports Kinesiology, Melbourne, to assist clients experiencing symptoms stemming from autoimmune conditions (Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto's amongst others).

Amanda Campbell the owner of Bend Like Bamboo writes:

"Joanna worked with us at Bend Like Bamboo as one of my key practitioners. With a warm heart, excellent practical knowledge and those healing hands, I was able to relax and rest assured that my clients were being professional care for. Jo is one of the most talented healers I have ever had the privilege to know and also work with. I'd recommend Joanna in a heartbeat."